Tuesday, June 16, 2009

thrifty, but not thursday

I have a backlog of things for Thrifty Thursday at this point. If one of the treasures involves sewing, I'm just going to start posting them when I finish the project.
Like this little doll bed-
The bed was found at the Salvation Army thrift store ages ago. I thought I'd give it to one of the girls for a birthday or Christmas, so I had it stored in the crawlspace. Then it seemed like a great thing for displaying my doll quilts at the art show, so I pulled it out. That got me thinking, if it's good for the show, I should just keep it out with my quilts on it to enjoy all the time. And hey, the girls won't appreciate it the way I will, so I'll just put it down in my studio. I'm sure a stuffed animal or two will soon find their way into it in the coming days.
Back to what I worked on - It needed a mattress for the show. The fabric and buttons are from my stash. It's not visible from the picture, but the mattress is about 2 inches deep. I did the corners the same way you'd box corners for a tote bag. It's stuffed with a thick poly batting leftover from another project. I think there are 4 layers of the batting stuffed in there. The buttons tie the mattress through the back and hold the batting in place.

This little guy doesn't even creep me out. His(her?) blue ears and legs match the polka dots perfectly.

Ellie has noticed that it matches her room. Nice try, kid. It's staying in the studio for now.
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