Tuesday, June 2, 2009

patchwork blouses

Simple, matching peasant blouses with some thrifted ric rac trim on the sleeves:
The fabric was free - something from the quilting group closet - it had been donated to them. A word of warning should you think it's the perfect fabric for children's clothing - it's a PAIN to sew. All those tiny patches that are already sewn together for you have seams. Lots and lots of seams. A seam every inch. Your presser foot will not like going up and over all of those seams. Your safety pin that guides the elastic in the neck will get stuck every few inches or so. It will annoy you to the point that you decide the sleeves don't need elastic. The neck won't gather as neatly as you'd like. Then you'll give the rest of the yardage to your mother and wish her good luck.
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Badger said...

Ha! Well, they are super cute, though! (The blouses AND the girls!)