Tuesday, August 18, 2009

finished string quilt!

It's done! (If you don't count the fact that I need to label it and attach a sleeve.)
It's definitely complete enough to take to quilting today and hang for show and tell.

After a little research I found that many string quilts weren't layered with batting, but with flannel or something thinner because of all the thick seams in them. I used an old flannel sheet we had and backed it with unbleached muslin. The finished quilt top was exactly as wide as the muslin I had on hand. -No room for shifting.

Some of these blocks had been hand pieced and some were pieced by machine. I was so happy about that because I didn't feel bad about machine quilting it. I have no idea how I would have pushed a needle through some of those seams by hand and how long it would have taken me to finish it. I know I wouldn't be posting it any time this year if that was the case.

The feather stitch used is a decorative one that's on my machine. (For those who want to know - my machine is a Bernina 150 and I made the stitch as long as the machine would allow. I wasn't able to widen it due to the width of the opening in the throat plate.) I simply outlined all the blocks with it. Because some of the blocks weren't cut to exactly the same size, I had to jog the stitching a little at a few interesections. It seems to add to the charm to have a few wavy lines on the back. Black Kona cotton was used to bind the quilt.

The wall it's going to hang on has been prepped. I need to paint it and get a sleeve on the quilt soon so I can walk past it everyday.

This one might rival Trixie's tent for my favorite thing.

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jenny said...

I love the look of that feather stitch quilting!

Rebekah said...

beautiful! I like the feather stitch quilting that you used too...I need to experiment with quilting using my specialty stitches more often now

Anonymous said...