Monday, August 31, 2009

trixie's party - decor

A host of characters was lined up on the entertainment center to greet our little guests.
There were baskets of my Beatrix Potter book collection in the living room. Ellie deemed herself the designated reader to entertain the first arrivals. Glenn played a Beatrix Potter memory match game with the girls as well while we waited for all to arrive.
These three were in the dining room window waiting for the treats to be served. I stitched them from kits about 15 years ago.
All of the Peter Rabbit china I've collected over the years came in handy. I wanted the party to have a tea party feel. We served "rabbit food" - berries, grapes, carrots and other veggies. The girls drank apple juice "tea" poured from my Peter Rabbit teapot. And, of course, there was cake.
White napkins covered all the chair seats. I was willing to risk my china and silver to the little ones. Berry stained and chocolate covered hands struck fear in my heart though when I imagined them touching the fabric on the chairs. White linens can be bleached, chairs cannot.

The centerpiece is a book, Scenes from The Tales of Peter Rabbit, that ties open into a carousel scene. The other paper decorations including the garland below are from Peter Rabbit's Party Book. I've waited to cut into this book for years... I also have some extra character paper masks somewhere in the house that I wanted to hang on the walls. I say somewhere because when it was time to put them up, I couldn't find them. I'm sure they'll turn up as I put all the other items away.

Tomorrow - games.
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Trish said...

You've hoarded..I mean waited a very long time to use all these beautiful things. I'll be sure to use this to your advantage when Trix is 16. As in "Be nice to your mother. She used her prized possessions for your fourth birtday!"

Wendy said...

Trish, Hoarding is such an ugly word - I prefer "thoughtfully collected with an eye toward the future".