Friday, August 21, 2009

news from the garden

Please keep in mind that I'm a craft blogger, not a gardener, while reading this.

We took all of the wonderful suggestions that you gave us for good things for kids to grow and planted what we could find and also what interested the kids. Our crop was to consist of: tomatoes (in pots), cucumbers, corn, sunflowers, red and yellow peppers. At the last minute we decided to put pumpkins on the side of the house where I realized I'd never have time to finish putting in perennials.

Guess what's doing the best? I cannot believe that these were once four, 6 inch seedlings. In fact, this picture is over a week old and the vines have now covered that window. (Sob! That was the natural light that came in on my sewing machine.) I believe we have Audrey 2 growing out there and I'm expecting to be missing a child any day now. Not only that, but we have two rogue pumpkin plants growing on the side of the garage (which is not attached to the house and about 70 feet away from these plants). I have no idea how they got there. I so hope we get some pumpkins from all this because the kids and neighbors are way excited about these plants.

The tomatoes did well and we've eaten most of our harvest. Did I take pictures of those? No. I told you, I'm a craft blogger, not a gardener or a foodie.

As for our garden on the side of the garage that was supposed to get plenty of sun, enjoyed a season of lots of rain and got some compost from the landscapers - well, not such good news. The animals claimed all the corn before it was taller than Trixie. Four of the six sunflowers have suffered the same fate. Glenn did discover two cucumbers this week, so that's good news. Nothing on the pepper front other than tiny plants. At least they aren't dead.

This is not a sunflower that we planted. It's growing near the fenceline about 20 feet from the kids' garden plot. I thought it was a weed for some time and since it was growing when it was hot and humid (we did have a week of that here), I spent that week indoors ignoring yardwork. Once I finally went to pull it, I noticed that the flower head, which hadn't bloomed yet, looked oddly familiar. Glenn and I decided to let it be. This is what we got a week later.

Next year, I might just wait to see what grows on its own.
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