Thursday, August 27, 2009

thrifty thursday

Had some luck earlier this week:
I grabbed this because I loved the pink plastic case. It was labeled as being filled with crochet cotton. When I got home and unpacked it, I was delighted to find about 20 balls of perle cotton - something I'll actually use. There was another unpleasant surprise as well. At the bottom was a melty chocolate caramel. Very little thread was damaged and it washed off the case easily. Such are the perils of thrifting.

They must have just received a donation of buttons because I can't imagine that these had been there very long(AND they were half price the day I was there!):

A few other goodies to round out the day's finds:

I need to drag out my vintage hankies and see if I have enough for a quilt at this point.
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