Thursday, August 20, 2009

thrifty thursday

Something I DIDN'T get at the quilter's garage sale:
I did pick it up at another garage sale, though. The basket tin was bought at a flea market years ago.
The decal makes me so happy. (It's hard to see because the cabinet is kept in a little hallway off the kitchen that gets very little light.)

Buying it solved a storage dilemna in my kitchen. This house is about 80 years old and I love it, but it has a kitchen that's a "stand in one place and reach everything" size. Not really a problem for someone who hates to cook, like me, but it doesn't allow for many places to put things I need to have handy.
The cabinet is now my home office. It came with four shelves: two were original (they have the red edging) and two were newer. I added the shelf trim from Susie to the new one to give it a little charm.

And for Susie(who aked me to post more "helpful hints"), the tin is where I've stored my receipts for the past few years. Inside is a check organizer from a discount or office supply store. I cut the bottom and top flap off so that the files could expand to fill the space inside the tin. Each tab is labeled with a month. All the receipts I collect go in the proper file at the end of the day. When the calendar rolls over to the first of the month and I need to move to the next spot in the file, I pull out the receipts that are in there from the previous year. Most are garbage and get recycled. Those that need to be saved for warranty purposes are refiled upstairs with important papers. There are only a few of those a year. We aren't buying a lot of big ticket items all the time around here. I might have one or two that I think I should hold onto for another year - I'll just put it back in that month's slot. The following year it'll get pitched most likely. Receipts from charities get filed in the front of the organizer so Chris can grab them when it's tax time.

Tomorrow - news on the gardening front.
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Tuli said...

I have one of those old basket tins and I have been wondering what to do with it! And since I am a receipt saver (where saving = laying them on every available surface in my house until they get brushed off by a dog tail where they lay unnoticed by me until they eventually make their way under my couch) I think I'm totally going to follow your receipt saving tip to keep them and myself organized.

Rock on, Wendy!

blackbird said...

You make awfully good cookies for someone who doesn't like to cook.