Tuesday, September 1, 2009

trixie's party - the games

How to keep the girls busy for two hours?
First, you need a brother who's game for dressing up as Mr. MacGregor. Then you can play what we called Peter's Veggie Chase. I hid play veggies all over the garden. The girls were the bunnies and had to find them and bring them to a basket in Trixie's tent without Mr. MacGregor catching them. (He was instructed to make sure they all got away so we wouldn't have tears over the big boy scaring them.) Glenn just ran in circles yelling for the "wee beasties" to get out of his garden. The girls screamed and ran willy nilly until all the veggies had been found.
This one was adapted from the Peter Rabbit birthday book. Jeremy Fisher's fishing game is basically a relay race. We drew paths of lily pads in chalk leading to a fishbowl with cut outs of 18 fish inside (double the number of guests we had). The teams had to hop on the lillies to the bowl, grab a fish and hop back before the next team member took a turn. Each girl went twice (to make the game last a little longer). The first team finished won the race. We actually played this one a few times mixing up the teams in between.

The old stand by, Pin the Tail, got used too. You can guarantee whatever theme my kid picks, the main character is going to be drawn on a poster missing a body part so the kids can slap it back on while blindfolded. (We've played pin the # on Thomas the Tank Engine, Pin the tail on the Black Cat for a Halloween party - you get the idea.) I discovered I was out of cotton balls for the tails late the night before the party. Only in a crafter's house do you have a choice of 4 different kinds of batting/stuffing to use instead. I went with polyfil. It was the cheapest, whitest, and looked the fluffiest. It's glued on an oval of cardstock so it could be taped on easily.

Here's a round of Jemima Puddleduck's Chase, otherwise known as Duck, Duck, Goose. A few girls sat this one out and chose to play in the sandbox.

I'll finish up with the games tomorrow.
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