Wednesday, September 23, 2009

library tote

I'm still working away on projects even though it's been quiet around the blog. For some reason, I've lost my routine here and can't seem to figure out a good time to catch up and post.
I'm trying to work through projects that have sat half finished or are just piles of fabric pulled for a reason, but never started. The pajama top pillow seemed to give me a little momentum.
This one was next:
Nothing exciting, just a basic, very large tote. There are actually two of them. I needed some large bags for trips to the library that will fit oversized picture books and the puzzles that Trixie likes to check out. They also needed to be very smooshable so I could cram them into my purse or keep one inside the other when we don't need to use both. For that reason, they aren't structured with any interfacing, but they are lined with some pockets inside for the paper receipts the library gives at checkout. Those usually wind up lost or wadded into a ball at the bottom of whatever other bag I was using and then I miss due dates too easily.
The fabric was bought at a garage sale in the neighborhood. In fact, the sale was put on by the people selling Jan's new home. The lining is out of the stash and the webbing was from the quilter's garage sale. (It seems I've made the straps too long. They're perfect for slinging the bags over my shoulder even with large items poking out of the top, but the bags drag on the ground if I just hold them in my hand. I'll probably be grateful for them in the winter when I have to get them over the bulk of my coat.)
I do have some fabric left with the following letters intact:
scrap 1- x,y
scrap 2- e,f,g,j,k,l,o,p,q
scrap 3- same as scrap 2
scrap 4- x,y,z, x,y,z, a,b,c, a,b,c,e,f,g,h,d,e,f,g,h,d,e,f,g(i-m are on this scrap, but there is very little seam allowance below them.)
I loved this fabric when I saw it and hate to see any of it go to waste. If you want any of the scraps, I'm happy to mail them off. Just email me with what pieces interest you and your address. One other note about the fabric - I'm not sure what the actual fiber content is, but I know for sure it isn't 100% cotton.
Edited to add: The scraps have been claimed :)
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jacquie said...

i would LOVE these. i'm making a graffiti quilt for my oldest and this would be perfect!

abcgirl said...

my favorite grocery shopping bags have two handles on each side--one long and one short--so that you can carry it over your shoulder or with your hand. Maybe that would work for your cute library bags? If you want a photo to better understand what I'm talking about, I can send you one.