Friday, September 4, 2009

round two

It's begun - Round Two of Common Threads!
This block is headed to Amber in Hawaii. No rotary cutters were harmed (or used) in the making of this block. (Unless you count when I squared it up at the end.) It's not a surprise to anyone that I tend to be a planner. That's one of the reasons I've loved this quilting bee. It's forced me to put together fabrics I don't have the bravery to choose myself and I've had to try things I've never done on my own.
The first block I made in round one was to be "wonky". I was so nervous that I actually drew it out and then cut the design into templates to make it. This time I put away the paper and pencil, only used scissors to cut freehand and just started to sew. I wasn't able to just grab fabric and whatever I had in hand is what got sewn on, but you know, baby steps.
When that bottom row wasn't as long as I needed, I added to it with blue and my world didn't shatter ; )
I played with the stripe making a basket weave strip, but it looked awful when I held it up to the block and I abandoned it. Thank you, Amber, for strips long enough that I could play like that and still have enough to keep going without worrying that I'd run out of fabric.
It should be in your mailbox anyday now.
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Amber said...

It's perfect Wendy - I love it :-)