Wednesday, September 16, 2009

happy birthday ellie!

She turned 8 today and (FINALLY - in her words) got a DS. The day has been properly celebrated with a playdate, Hawaiian pizza, and ice cream cake. The cake included an oreo crust, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, whippped cream, m&m's, mini chocolate chips, and a small chocolate chip cookie on top. The only thing that might have made it more to her liking would be if someone sprinkled colored sugar on top.
In even more exciting news and serving as definitive proof to me that she's getting older -
Ellie made her first quilt over the weekend!

She chose the fabrics in her favorite colors - blue and pink. All of them feature kittens in the print. I cut them to size for her (I'm fine with her using my machine, but the rotary cutter in her hands scares the daylights out of me). She did all the piecing and made the decisions about fabric placement. I also layered the "quilt sandwich" for her, but she machine quilted it. She sewed the binding as well, with help from me turning the corners. This is the first craft project that she's actually completed. I'm crossing my fingers that this lengthened attention span continues.
On Tuesday, my quilting group day, I picked her up at lunch and brought her to our group so she could show it off. I have never seen her so proud of herself and those lovely ladies showered her with praise. She ate it up.

It's properly labeled as well.
"My First Quilt, Eleanor _______, September 2009"
Sorry for the extended absence. Life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes. ; )
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Anonymous said...

Tell Ellie that quilt looks fabulous. Job well done! I bet none of the women asked her if she had been drinking margaritas before sewing. (That would be me. Not the drinking, the bad sewing.)


Rebekah said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!

She did such a great job on this quilt! She is going to give you a run for your money in the crafting department soon :)

cables said...

I wish Happy Birthday to Ellie! and she is very creative that she made a quilt i like the pink colour on that quilt it looks nice.