Thursday, September 17, 2009

thrifty thursday

Phew, it's still Thursday in my time zone. Lost track of time today.
Just a quick picture of a vintage chenille bedspread I found last weekend. It's on Ellie's bed (made up by her too - note the large sheet wrinkle that's killing me now, though not enough to have retaken the picture).
It's a double or queen size which is why it goes to the floor on her twin, but it's in such great condition and has the perfect colors for her room. Her duvet gets too hot in the summer, so she'll enjoy this for a few more weeks before the weather turns. Next spring we'll have an alternative to her heavy bedding.
$20 seemed like a steal to me.
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Anonymous said...


Stephanie said...

Definitely a steal! I love old chenille.

be*mused jan said...

What a great score! And what child doesn't love chenille? It looks to be in great shape.

jacquie said...

a steal for sure!!! and it's gorgeous too. it's getting so hard to find chenille bedspreads in good shape. you are a thrifty pro!