Wednesday, September 2, 2009

trixie's party - more games

After some running around outside, the party moved indoors.
Tom Kitten's Button Hunt was next. This game was also adapted from the Peter Rabbit Party Book. I hid enough buttons in the living room for each child to find 2 or 3. Once found, they came to me for a ribbon to make a necklace. I used shank buttons for this because they were easiest to string on the ribbon quickly. Buttons with very large holes would also work.
Next up was a version of "Who Am I?" using the masks from the book instead of a card with a name held to your forehead. I put a mask on a guest while their eyes were closed. The other girls then gave clues as to what kind of animal she was. (Not even my kids would have known the actual names of each character. Peter Rabbit - yes. Johnny Town Mouse - doubtful.)

We had two other games ready to go, but ran out of time. Animal Noises would have the guests start by making the sound or using a word associated with their animal. The first child would say their sound, the next child says their sound and repeats the one before them, etc.
The other was a version of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, I had planned to put the play veggies on the ground (one less veggie than number of guests) and have the kids pick one up when the music stopped. (I'm a little relieved we didn't need this one. This game always seems to turn into a free-for-all or someone ends up crying.)

A little peek at the memory match game the girls played before everyone had arrived.
Tomorrow - goodie bags. And then I swear I'm done.
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