Thursday, September 3, 2009

trixie's party - goodie bags

Each girl headed home with one of these:

The Beatrix Potter fabric is new and was purchased with this in mind. It's a very basic, lined tote pattern (sew up all the sides, then box the corners). I lined it because the quilting fabric isn't terribly sturdy on its own for a tote. A basic(cheap) muslin was used for that. The cotton webbing is from the garage sale. I have oodles of it in my stash. The tag is from the Peter Rabbit Party Book and was supposed to be a placecard. (I label all the gift bags so any prizes won during the party can be collected in them. No lost treats or tears that way.)

Inside each bag was a Peter Rabbit coloring or activity book. I bought 12 of these on clearance when I was still teaching. I could never bring myself to use them. They're so old the pages have yellowed a bit. Hopefully, the girls didn't notice or care. (Trish, my hoarding/collecting paid off on this one.) School supply sales gave me an inexpensive way to include a set of colored pencils, a sharpener and a box of crayons with the books. We used little bags of Jelly Bellys (from Costco) for game prizes and those were collected in their bags as the party was going on.

It was a great afternoon for both Trixie and me. I've got this one out of my system, now it's time to start planning Ellie's bash (her birthday is in two weeks). She's made it clear that she doesn't want a home party. I'll let it pass. Last year I got to do a fun Halloween party for her.
*I know today is usually "Thrifty Thursday". When I figured up the cost of this party, it turned out to be one of the cheapest parties we've ever had because we used so much of what I had on hand, so I think this post qualifies. Of course, if I were to include the cost of the Beatrix Potter collection I've amassed over the years, well, not so thrifty then.

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Trish said...

Sweets - you're hoarding/collecting always comes in handy. Sometimes I've been the lucky recipient so you just keep hoarding/collecting to your hearts content!

Rima said...

Cute, cute bag! Great fabric choice.