Tuesday, October 2, 2007

a beginning and an ending

The beginning:

So it's official - a little later than I had anticipated (who knew trying to start a blog the week the kids returned to school wouldn't be such a good idea?). I have Susie, blackbird, and Poppy to thank for giving me the final push and a blog name to get me going.

The little guys you requested are waiting to come to their new homes. (Pattern from The Cute Book)

Once I've figured out all the tricks to this (like getting my photos to appear larger than postage stamps *fixed now!!!* and actually putting a link to those dear friends' blogs in their names), I'm hoping that this site will be an easy way to keep all of you updated on my current projects. Your inboxes won't be nearly as clogged with my photoladen emails either.

The ending:

I thought it fitting to post this as my first major project. I can't think of a single other sewing project that has taken as long to complete from the time I chose it to the time it was finally give to the recipient. Begun in the fall of 2006, I had intended to make it a Christmas present for Glenn. His outgrown jeans were collected for years until they'd become a leaning tower of denim in the basement. After more stops and starts than I'd like to admit, I got the top pieced together this past spring. The weight of it surprised me and I spent another several months thinking about (or avoiding the issue of) what I should use for batting and how on earth I was going to quilt through all of it. The solution finally presented itself in an old flannel sheet and hand tying it. The binding and backing are thrifted fabric that I'd been saving for this project. Spurred on by turkey feather's challenge to finish up old works in progress, I decided this was at the top of my list to complete in September. Glenn's happy to finally have it and I'm thrilled it's off of my sewing table.

Thanks to Susie for the over the phone tutorial on linking.

I have plenty to keep me busy between now and the 10th. See you next week!


Susie Sunshine said...

Yay Martha's online!

Welcome to the jungle, sunshine!

pearly girl said...

You inspire me wendy! Great name. sarah B.

Carol said...

Once a week is not enough for all the goodness you churn out!

blackbird said...


Suse said...

Yay, you started a blog!!!!!!

Poppy Buxom said...


I didn't find out about your blog until TODAY.

I demand that you quilt me a plate of chopped liver. Because that, apparently, is what I am.

(Only kidding, and I'm looking forward to seeing you tonight!)