Thursday, October 18, 2007

what's up pussycat?

Ellie needed a new fall jacket and she's been coveting her brother's denim one. This was the perfect place to use Scrapworks, a folk applique pattern from Indygo Junction.

The green fabric is from an estate sale. I think it was once part of some drapes. The small patches are various fat quarters and yardage out of my stash (several are reproduction prints). The felt is wool and the buttons are also from thrift shop adventures. The "tag" is a sequin from Ellie's craft bins. It bent pretty quickly, so it might get replaced with an old tag from one of our former pets. I love the folksy way it turned out, but feel like I should tell people that the stitching is supposed to look a bit wonky.

Next up from that book, a puppy applique for Trixie's jacket.
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Jackie said...

Very Cute. The wonky stitching makes it look like a little girl's first sewing project.

Susie Sunshine said...

Hey, maybe I could do that!

I'm not sure which is more adorable, the cute kitty or the sassy model.