Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I probably should have called this post "I Heart Martha Stewart". Got a little crafty this Halloween with her help. I want every last thing in her line at Michael's. I controlled myself though and stuck with just a few items this year.
What's more fun than bones and glitter? Nothing, I tell you.

Well, maybe some stickers. And fake apples. Does anyone know where I can find some tiny plastic spiders to stick in those glass cigar holders? I didn't have any luck finding fake eyeballs either. Did you know that Hobby Lobby clerks will back away from you when you ask what aisle would have them?

Okay, the spider isn't from her line. I don't remember where I got her, but her egg sac is from an October issue of Living. Maybe last year. It's supposed to have a styrofoam egg wrapped in batting in the nylon to give it the proper shape. Mine is filled with the extra cobwebby stuff that my children managed to roll in leaves and other debris before getting completely bored with the whole thing and walking away. I figure the bits of dirt in there give it an earthy, true to nature vibe. It sort of offsets the plastic spiders.

More tomorrow!


Carol said...

That spider egg sack totally creeps me out. I would not trick or treat at your house, or maybe I would just trick you by throwing eggs from the street. Creepy!

Blech. shudder. I thought you hated bugs.

Wendy said...

I hate REAL spiders.

Susie Sunshine said...

If you hated real spiders, you'd scream for someone to squish them immediately when they are spotted in your house, like a sensible person.

I do love those glitter bones!!