Tuesday, October 23, 2007

happy birthday alaina!

One more project from Prairie Children and Their Quilts finished! This one was a birthday present for a little friend of ours, Alaina. She had a schoolhouse themed birthday party at a local, living history museum. With any luck it'll look good on her "Dick and Jane yellow" bedroom walls too. I hope so, because it was hard to part with this one. I love the colors and fabrics that are in it.

I cut into some of my favorite fabric for this one - the black script. I'm still hoarding some and need to come up with the perfect project for myself, so I have a little bit of it forever. Several prints from the Building Blocks collection were used in this one. The schoolhouse below used to be a Laura Ashley dress of mine.

The back is a simple gingham. A quick shot of the quilting pattern-

Tried to keep the school theme going with the gift bag. Just a plain black bag with some white crayon. Can you guess how old she is?


Jackie said...

I'll guess 10.
I have sewing envy.

I love how you dressed up a plain bag.

Carol said...

A is also for Adorable!

love all those fabrics and the combo.

Susie Sunshine said...

Damn you and your awesome gift-giving! It makes the rest of us look bad!