Wednesday, October 31, 2007

aliens, tigers, and magicians - oh my!

Happy Halloween!!
Glenn has entered an alien phase. He devours books on the topic and I'm regaled with his theory on what happened in Roswell. He saw this mask at the party shop in town and that was it for him. Next came the request for a cape. I let him choose the fabric not knowing he'd go for such a Vegas vibe. It works though. The fabric rippled in the breeze which made for a cool effect. I'm pretty pleased with getting the collar to stand up like that. A heavy interfacing did the trick. Next year I'll bedazzle it and he can go as Liberace.

This get up was Ellie's second choice. Her first was a peacock. Um, no. She received a magic set for her birthday from a friend and loved it. I decided to strike while the iron was hot and offered to go get her a top hat and make a wand to go with her set. It worked. All that was left was another cape. We settled on blue with silver glitter speckled on it because they were out of hot pink (and apparently purple is so last year for her).

This picture makes me a bit melancholy. Trixie is the last to wear the tiger suit I originally made for Glenn. It's beginning to show it's age - split seam on the tail, loose foot strap barely held in place with a safety pin. It's also the last animal suit I made - the following year he was more "involved" in his costume choices. Involved means I let him pick, instead of forcing him to wear what I wanted to make. And I'm sure it'll be the same for Trixie next year. I spent a good part of trick or treating tonight thinking about what the other two were like the years they wore this one. Glenn had a rare fit just as I wanted to take pictures. Ellie was so thrilled people were giving her candy that she was afraid to let go of any of it for fear it might disappear. She only lasted for a few houses because she couldn't hold any more candy in her hands. For now, I'll just think about Trixie chasing her tail until she caught it the first time we put the suit on her.


blackbird said...

Fabulous costumes.
You are a wonder.

(we had a tiger costume that was handed down too - I used to sew!)

Susie Sunshine said...

My children you are raising for me looked adorable! Thanks!