Tuesday, November 13, 2007

open house

Crazy, busy weekend around here. This is why:

I spent all of Saturday and a good portion of Sunday at the shop's Christmas Open House. Talking and sewing all day makes the time fly. I was demonstrating projects from a book called Christmas with Artful Offerings. Not quite the right title for the book as you can see from the projects. I'm thinking the word Cute should have been in the title somewhere. All the projects related to cookies in some way - either sugar cookie or gingergread designs.

Guess what project I picked to sew first?

I adore the fabric in this apron - it's from the Roman Holiday line by Moda. As soon as they don't need it for display it's coming home with me. (Like my poor attempt at merchandising the ric rac into a necklace?)

The little quilt postcard below is actually a gift card/gift certificate holder - it has a pocket in back. The colors are a bit different from what I'd decorate with, but that line sold like hotcakes during the open house and it went well with the ornament patterns.

The ornaments aren't really me, but they're cute. And this guy reminds me of Susie's boys' fleece snowman hats. Back when I thought she sewed as much as I did.

No pictures of the gingerbread patterns I demonstrated during the open house yet. I'll post the model when it's finished.

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