Wednesday, November 28, 2007

parasol tops

Not the best picure here - I could not bribe Ellie to take off those sunglasses("But mommy, they're pink and they match my shirt!!") and Trixie appears to have had too much of whatever the little drink umbrellas on those tops were sitting in.

I believe these were the first things I used my serger on. Just the side seams (I was still afraid of it this past spring). Carol sent me the fabric after I oohed and aahed over it when she used it to back a cute bib she embroidered for Trixie.
Probably not a pattern I'll reuse soon. I had to lengthen it 2 inches and it still seems a bit short on Ellie. It called for grosgrain ribbon for the ties, which I used, but the front and back don't gather properly on it (I finally tacked it down in place on either end of the casing) and the ties come undone easily.
Still, the parasols look great on the ruffles and the girls loved them.

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Carol said...

You know I love it all, the girls, the fabrics, the ruffles. Love them!