Saturday, November 17, 2007

stitch club

How did girl scout activities go from learning to use a pocket knife, singing campfire songs and doing crafts like needlework to things like scavenger hunts at the mall and picking out a stuffed animal at Build-a-Bear being the closest a troup ever gets to sewing?
All summer the girls on our block would peek over my shoulder to see what piece I was in the middle of stitching. That's when I found out not a one of them had been exposed to anything related to sewing in their scout troops. I just assumed that's where every girl was at least exposed to this stuff. Apparently not.

I can't make them all sewers, but every Friday I'll try my best. Four of them head over after school for Stitch Club to learn basic embroidery stitches and hopefully find a new hobby. If nothing else, I know 4 future women won't be taking every loose button to the cleaners for repair.

And if I'm really lucky, I'll have a group of sewing friends with whom I can stitch for a very long time.

(Yeah, their moms want to learn too.)


Jackie said...

Can you move to my neighbor and start a stitch club!!PLEASE!!

blackbird said...

I want to join too!

Carol Kohrs said...

Me too!