Tuesday, November 27, 2007

rachel's quilt

Here's another doll quilt that I made in the spring for our little friend, Rachel, on her birthday. Colors were chosen based on her bedroom colors. I wanted this to be a quilt that would either tuck in one of her dolls or look pretty on her wall when she decided she was too old for that kind of play(hopefully not anytime soon).

At the time I was making some of these it seemed the whole craftblog world was obsessed with doll quilts. The inspiration for this one came right from Turkey Feathers. All the fabric was in my stash and the embroidery designs are from Sublime Stitching. The final dimensions are about 16x20.

Because of their size, these go together so incredibly fast, especially since I prefer to machine quilt. (The one doll quilt that I'm doing by hand was started in June on our vacation. I'm certain that you won't see it's completion before June of next year. That might even be pushing it.)

I love that little bit of Bo Peep fabric above. It's from my Grandma Bev's stash, I think.

A sweet quilt for a sweet little girl.


Carol said...

So nicely done.

blackbird said...

I especially love the embroidered patches...