Sunday, November 18, 2007

welcome home bella and scout

Is it sad that I'm using cats as an excuse to sew? I used up some scraps from other projects to make the cat tunnel from In Stitches. Even had some fake fur from a fabric thrifting trip on hand. The model in this picture is actually one of Ellie's lovies; the real recipients are Trish's cats. Kind of a housewarming gift for them. Yeah, it sounds even more pathetic when I read that.
One end draws closed with some awesome Martha Stewart twill tape (from Michael's).

Pathetic or not on my part, look how cute!
And what good is a new tunnel without some new toys to hide in it?
I made two birds from the Last Minute Patchwork Gifts book. It didn't occur to me to photograph them together and I've hit my photo limit for this entry, so the one will have to do.

Back to sewing for people.

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