Wednesday, November 21, 2007

deja vu

I feel like I went back in time this weekend. Ellie saw me sewing and wanted to get out her machine to make some clothes for her teddy bear. The girl does not lack confidence. She grabbed some scrap fabric and started cutting out her pattern.
I've been waiting for this day, but didn't think she'd choose to make the EXACT same thing as I did the first time I tried sewing something on my own. I can still clearly remember my little machine with the pink case and the brown scrap fabric my mom gave me. I also remember tracing my doll's legs directly onto the fabric and cutting it out on the lines.

I ran the seams in the same way and needed help at the same place - pivoting on the inside legs. And I decided to hold my tongue in the same way mother did, because sometimes it's just easier to find out why a pattern does or doesn't work by actually doing it.

Her pants didn't fit the teddy any better than mine fit my doll, but she was as proud as I was when she finished.

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blackbird said...

she's definitely got a good teacher.
Imagine all the things she's going to make?