Thursday, November 15, 2007


I could have sworn I posted this last week. Obviously not.
Ellie had a luau party this year(in early October) and I figured I'd better get this up here before she was another year older.
A few fruit slices with those teensy umbrellas that every little girl loves and voila! Hawaiian cupcakes. Those umbrellas would have been better in a few drinks for the moms...

The favor bags were a great way to practice on my new serger. The fabric is folded in half at the base and serged up the sides. The top edges were cut with pinking shears. Guests' names were written on fake leaves with a copper pen. Raffia tied the bags closed. Inside: goldfish crackers, lifesavers, gummy fish, and a tiny set of gel pens. The girls also received a necklace making set in a tube and a lei bracelet to match the leis everyone got. The boys got an octopus bead puzzle and some foam growing capsules that turn into boats.

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