Tuesday, October 9, 2007

no lead paint in here

Okay, so I'm not big on the plastic toys anyway, but I've been trying to make as many of the kids' gifts as I can. Plus, by the time the third one rolls around, you have most of the store bought basic stuff anyway. This project was inspired by the actual fabric. Bought it on clearance at Joann's last spring for $1.00/yd(have some in the red colorway too). It screamed farm playmat. The tote came about as a way to house the mat and the rubber animals that live on the farm.

The corduroy on both is thrifted. The twill tape was stamped using what I had on hand. Both tote and mat were channel quilted. Fast and easy - I was working on this the day before Trixie turned 2. The animals are from Target and the local toy store. The appliques next to them were added last, so none of the quilting lines would go through them.

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She seems to love it, but instead of playing with the animals on top of it, she crawls under it with them and says "sleepy".

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