Thursday, February 21, 2008

bee mine

I'm going to count this as one of my resolution projects. I found a ziploc bag in my sewing area with all the materials I needed for the project along with the inspiration/directions from a Mary Englebreit magazine article on Sailor's Valentines. The bag had been there for about 2 or 3 years. In my defense, I put a lot of projects aside like that when they just won't come together as I envisioned. Then something will come to mind or a particular item will be available and that's what I needed to make it all work. This seemed to be one of those times.

Overall, I'm happy with the colors and the placement of everything, but I think I need to open up the bottom seam and put a gusset in. Because of the way the pillow pulls in the bottom center, it's nearly impossible to see the "Mine" stitched on it. A gusset would also make it sit upright better. I might even be able to put it on a cabinet rather than leaning it on a chair or the sofa(where it gets abused by the kids).

The fabrics are velvet upholsery samples on the front with wool felt on the back (and eventually on the gusset). The buttons are shell and were purchased at Hancock Fabrics about two years ago (I think the brand is Shellz). The bee is out of a sack of vintage stuff I thrifted. I didn't care for the googly eyes he came with, so I replaced them with beads.

The ribbon and beads are out of my stash. No idea where or when I got them.

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Patty said...

Oh, wow. I saved that article and thought that some day, I would make one of those Sailor Valentines. (I liked the dog one.) I never got around to it but I'm happy to see yours. It's really great!