Monday, February 4, 2008

sleep tight, Nate

This weekend was Nate's shower. I made him a quilt for his crib adapted from the Denyse Schmidt Quilts book. The pattern is "What a Bunch of Squares". I love the modern look of this quilt and the square elements in it. (What do you expect from someone who likes to take notes on graph paper?) Because I was totally changing the size, I ignored her templates and just cut the fabric to work with the size I needed. The picture of her queen size quilt served as my guide.

The squares are purposely off set in this quilt. I found very quickly that making them look randomly wonky or off-kilter is a lot harder than it looks. The templates would have made it a lot easier.

The fabrics have some meaning behind them. The navy is from the crib sheets I made for him right after he got home. The chambray is from a favorite Laura Ashley dress of mine. (I can't exactly make him a little floral dress from the others.) The greens were chosen to bring in the celadon shade of traditional Korean pottery. The whites are from various projects or thrifting trips. The patchwork backing is a little nod to Nate's kind of preppy dad, Chip. (The backing fabric was bought pieced - I didn't do all that work.)

A few scraps were sewn onto the card to finish things off.

Snuggle in, little guy.


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OOOoh, I'm tempted to try for a baby so I can have one of these. (Sewing lessons would probably be easier, though.)