Thursday, February 28, 2008


That's excatly how I feel I'm getting things done around here.

I had high hopes for the weekend. Then Trixie climbed out of her crib, so that had to come down and we began the big girl bed transition, which has been going remarkable well. Unfortunately, she's no longer contained during the time I like to sew and post.

More snow (a lot more snow) arrived - along with some very cold weather which turned the basement where I sew into a freezer even when I ran the space heater. And in all honesty, the pile of unfinished repairs and projects down there was not a welcoming sight anyway.
Just in case that wasn't enough to keep me from getting much done, I tripped over a laundry basket on Monday. My right wrist caught all of my weight. Not broken and much, much better today. Not so good for sewing this past week though. (Note to self - need to make more rice pillows in smaller sizes to keep in the freezer for the next time I make a boneheaded move like that.)

So I present you with a project I completed in December. He (or she?) is all hand sewn- most of which was done backstage while Glenn was in Bah Humbug! The pattern is from Wee Wonderfuls. I was hoping if I put him out there, he'd inspire spring to hurry up.

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blackbird said...

I love looking at your small perfect stitches.