Wednesday, February 20, 2008

posie dress

Since I posted Trixie's dress yesterday I thought I'd include this one today. A tiny bit of that fabric was used here as well. (The fact that I now have a use for a one inch square piece of fabric means I'm not even throwing out the tiniest scraps. This is not good.) I worked on this about a month ago, but had to wait for it to get to its new home lest I spoil a surprise.

The pattern is by Posie and can be found in the book, Softies.

I didn't measure it before sending it off and I'm too lazy to go get the book and measure the pattern, but I think this is about 6 inches tall. I can officially call this a "use what I have" project since everything came out of the stash, including the wire for the hanger. My favorite bit has to be the vintage millinery flower on the collar.

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Susie Sunshine said...

ACK!!! Warning labels for such overpowering adorableness, please!!