Wednesday, February 6, 2008

shoe bags or wine bottle covers?

I wanted to make up a little something for the girls I got together with a few weekends ago. Since they were all traveling (or were headed on a book tour this spring), it seemed that shoe bags were a good fit. Someone thought they'd hold some bottles of wine as well as shoes. Whatever floats your boat.

The two pair here were for Jen. Hot pink and daisies fit. The drawstring area on all of them has been done with thrifted bias tape. It's been edgestitched to the outside of the bag to create channels for the ribbons or cording. I chose two colors so one pair could be differentiated from the other.

Carol's were made from some vintage fabric I picked up at an estate sale. The blues are very her.

Blackbird and Susie each got a set of these (though Susie's haven't been mailed yet - I know - I'm sorry.) I thought of them when I saw the text on this fabric (which is actually a thrifted sheet). It may be the fact that they were once a sheet that made me feel they were perfect for Susie. (I just tried to find her post on her skirts sewn from a neighbor's bedsheets and her archives are not available - horrors!)

I even attempted some very basic Chinese knots at the end of the cording. I had imagined something more ornate in the knot department, but it wasn't to be. The more elaborate designs simply wouldn't hold up on a project like this.

Now that you all have your travel accessories, there's no reason not to come visit again soon.

(Special note to Poppy - I haven't forgotten you - I have something different in mind and the right fabric has not presented itself as of yet.)


Poppy Buxom said...

Oh, how cute!

And you don't need to make me a pair because I am a total asshat who whines and begs for something you thrifted and then when you send it to me, do I say thank you? No, I do not.

Next time you find a handkerchief with an A on it, do NOT send it to me.

Even though I am an Asshat.

blackbird said...

I adore mine and am TRYING to figure out where to go next!

Susie Sunshine said...


(but it's not like anyone will be able to leave this place until the spring thaw, anyway. another snow day today from the foot of snow we got last night!)