Monday, March 3, 2008

Mr. Roboto

Bear with me while I post some crafty blasts from the past over the next few weeks. I'm trying to catch up with documenting stuff I've made from the last couple of years.

Glenn designed this guy when he was in the 4th grade after I showed him a robot that was posted on Wee Wonderfuls(but before she made the pattern available). He spent an afternoon sketching it out and doing a few changes at my request (no, I cannot fashion a working claw hand on the sewing machine). Once we had the basic design agreed upon, Glenn went through my stash and chose his fabrics and other bits. The last step for him was to cut out the actual picture he drew(I did all the sewing on this one). We used the pieces for our pattern adding seam allowances all around.

Decorative and utility stitches helped make up the robot's control panel. The placement of all the buttons was a collaboration (and a negotiation over which ones I was willing to part with).

His favorite part - the hands. I hope never to have to turn something that small and with that many turns right side to every again.

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Rebekah said...

so adorable! You're a master at all of these softies! Do you have any tips on making the finishing touches easier? I always procrastinate finishing my softies, because the face takes me forever.