Thursday, March 6, 2008

jie jie and mei mei mao

(big sister and little sister kitties)

More goodness from my Wee Wonderful patterns.

These girls were made the summer before Trixie came home as a way to help ease Ellie into the idea of having a little sister. Her cat obsession was in full swing at the time, so this pattern was perfect. I used the full size pattern for the older sister and reduced the pattern to 80%(I think) to make the little sister.

The bodies are black twill with felt details. Their dresses are fabric I cut from an old Laura Ashley dress. (Parts of that dress made an appearance in Alaina's quilt too.) The felt shoes, as they appear in the picture, are removable, but after picking them up off of the floor and finding them stuffed under various pieces of furniture for the hundredth time, I sewed them on permanently. Buttons are from my stash. All the details were sewn on with a blanket stitch.

She liked them.

Whether they eased the blow of a younger sister's arrival, that's still to be determined.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I love how the little red shoes match her red Crocs!

Susie Sunshine said...

Has she pushed Trixie down the stairs?
I'd say they worked!