Tuesday, March 25, 2008

decoupage eggs

Inspireco has a wonderful tutorial on making these paper covered eggs.

Instead of old books, I tore up bits up old pattern instruction sheets. (I tried the pattern tissue too, but it looked awful over brightly colored plastic eggs - even yellow.) A few have some vintage millinery flowers.

I dipped into the vintage button stash for others.

They look darling in the china cabinet. I'd love to make more to have a whole bowl of these for next year. So far, I have eight.


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I started making an Easter wreath but didn't get to finish it before last weekend. I had planned to decoupage the egss with scrapbook paper.
By the way, the girls Easter dressed were beautiful. I did one the year Alli was 4. The dress underneath was red gingham check and the apron over it was white with eyelet trim.

blackbird said...

I think those are the only easter eggs I really like in the world...

but you could have guessed that.