Wednesday, March 12, 2008

easy garment bag

It's getting near the time to put away winter clothes. I made a couple garment bags last year out of some thrifted pillowcases to store my fall and winter jackets. Standard pillowcases work fine for kids' coats and shorter jackets. King sized cases are great for longer jackets.

They're incredibly easy to make:
1. Turn the pillowcase inside out and lay a hanger at the short, closed end. The hook portion should extend just beyond the fabric.
2. Trace along the top of the hanger directly onto the fabric. Be sure to extend your lines from the short seamed side to the long sides. Sew on those lines.
3. Open up a few stitches of the seam on the short end right in the middle where the hanger's hook needs to go through the fabric.
4. I didn't bother to cut the excess fabric off the corners in case I ever wanted to use the case for something else. They fold down just fine over the the hanger when the bag is in use.
5. Turn the case right side out. Slip over your jacket. Done.
See? Easy.

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