Thursday, April 24, 2008

decoupage jones

I have a LONG list of projects I want to sew. Plenty that needs to be done soon if we're to get use out of them this summer. What I should be doing and what I want to be doing are two very different things right now.

I blame it on those decoupage eggs from Easter. It wasn't the first time I decoupaged.

This thrifted bin was covered with some scrapbooking paper a couple years ago. This was before I thought to do things like take "before" pictures, but trust me, it used to be ugly. Currently, it's holding coloring books for the girls.

Then I got a little bolder and actually used a vintage book with a completely broken binding(I still can't bring myself to cut up a perfectly good vintage book) to cover the top of this box. It's shaped to look like a book though I've yet to do anything with the spine. If I were braver, I'd keep crayons in it, but I picture the girls coloring on the box with them.

Now I have this baby I thrifted a few months ago just calling to me. I've seen so many cute decoupaged suitcases out there in craftblogland. It'd be perfect for Ellie's doll clothes. I'm picturing ribbon glued around the edges where the strips of red are right now. I even have some vintage images of dark haired little girls. I should be working on those other projects though...

This photo is also a before picture of what may be my biggest summer project - a new lawn instead of the weed farm we have growing in the backyard. We have one estimate in and another due soon. I need to keep telling myself how nice it will look in a few months and remembering how awful it is to keep pulling all the creeping charlie out of the mulched beds all summer long.


Jackie said...

Cute projects. Love the box especially.

blackbird said...

OOooh, ribbon on my antique suitcase!

Good idea!