Friday, April 11, 2008

stitching paper (not foreheads)

It figures that for all the stitching I've posted about on this blog, the stitching that had nothing to do with crafts has garnered the most interest. Time to get back on track.

This book came home with me a few months ago. I've taken some classes at Paper Source in the city, but that was ages ago and I've forgotten many of the techniques we worked on. This looked like a great way to get back to work with a low degree of difficulty.

Today I gave a simple stab stitch binding a try. The kids did some watercolor paintings over spring break and I wanted to put them in a simple book for their uncle(sorry Mike, I just spoiled a surprise - it'll be in the mail soon). For some reason my stitches overlap, but the ones in the book don't. I think I figured out where I went wrong, but doubt I'll redo it. That happened after I punched the holes in the wrong spot and had to trim the paintings a second time. I'm calling it done and considering it part of the learning curve.

One of Glenn's pictures is used as cover art. He titled this one "Tool". Which made me laugh and I couldn't tell him why.

Ellie has an obsession with volcanoes which migh have something to do with her desire to live in Hawaii. She calls this "The Volcano Erupts".

And Trixie - after making two other paintings which she called "Baby Hippo" and "Horsey" - worked on this one. When I asked what this one was called, she looked at me very seriously and said, "I can't speak". After going back and forth a few times in some weird Laurel and Hardy routine, I realized that she wasn't telling me she couldn't talk - she was giving me the name of the painting.

I couldn't speak either. I was laughing too hard.


Carol said...

THIS is why you blog. Too precious all of them.

Susie Sunshine said...

The littlest ones have to work harder to come up with new material for veteran parents, but even with a head injury, Trixie delivers!