Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The girls each got a new spring/summer top this week. The pattern is from the Simplicity "Sewing for Dummies" line. I'd have preferred something with a different name, but it was the only one on sale that week that had the elastic casings at the neck and sleeve.

I lengthened both sizes by about 2 inches and I'm wishing I'd made them even longer. The hem has even been made turning up less fabric than called for giving me about 3 extra inches overall in the length. Why on earth do patterns make the tops so short? Or are my girls very long in the waist?

Note to self for future use of this pattern - make casings 1/8 of inch larger so the fabric moves easier when distributing gathers. Extend front and back lengths by 3 or 4 inches.

Everytime I look at this fabric I'm reminded of our family room growing up. My mom had an entire wall of owls - some in needlepoint(one made by me at 13), some painted, some ceramic. That wall was proof positive that you should never tell people that you like a particular thing - because that's what they're going to give you in some form for the next decade.


blackbird said...

Trixie looks taller!

(I'm starting a Trixie fan club.)

Carol said...

These tops are very cute. Your girls look so much older than 3 months ago!

Rebekah said...

cute! love that fabric!

Badger said...

I want one! Er, one of those owl tops, I mean. I already have all the girl I can handle over here. Although yours ARE awfully cute!