Sunday, April 13, 2008

the kids

Ellie was an awesome big sister the day of the accident. She set up a sick bed for the two of them when she got home from school. Trixie was not too happy to get stuck on the couch for the day. We're still trying to keep her monkey tendencies to a minimum with little luck.

Lest you think family game time happens all that naturally around here - Glenn was in trouble for hitting Ellie. The consequence was that he had to play whatever she wanted for two hours and he had to do it cheerfully. I was hoping she'd get out all of her Littlest Pet Shop stuff. Would have made a great blackmail picture.

The stitches came out on Saturday. She got to take them home in that jar. Looks like the scar isn't going to be so bad. (Good ER doctor and a patient that held very still for him.) We're holding off on the bangs for now.


blackbird said...

I could bite them.
Each of them.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Littlest Pet Shop probably would have been better than Barbies.
Cute little bunch of kids you have there. And that boy is going to be some kind of handsome teenager!