Tuesday, April 1, 2008

t is for trish

Hopefully Trish has heeded my email warning to stay away from my blog until a belated birthday package arrives in the mail. If not, um, surprise!

I thought this would be a good April Fool's Day post, since I didn't actually do the cross stitch on the pillow. I brought in a ringer for this project - my newly retired mother who is always looking for a project to do. (And some of you wonder where I get it from...) As usual, her work is phenomenal. The ladies at the fabric shop where I bought the pillow insert and cording were gushing over the back of the project - it's as neat as the front.

The design is an English alphabet of Hotch Potch fellows. Trish had an interest in them and even has a giant one that can be posed in letter forms. I have to say I find "M" rather amusing.

The backing is a fat quarter from my stash. It's a grey/black weave that picked up the color of the knickers in the fellows. 4 vintage buttons form the closure. I even learned a new trick on my serger for this one - I figured out how to attach another presser foot that had a channel for cording so I could cut it to a 1/4" seam allowance and finish the edge so it wouldn't fall apart. I'm also finding that the serger is perfect for finishing the edges of all needlework projects so they don't fray.

Happy Birthday, Trish - you're still older than me!

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Susie Sunshine said...

I have discovered a whole new way to do the "YMCA".