Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here's the easy-to-make puppet theater I promised.

You'll need:

3 tension rods (one for each level of fabric) - measure your door width to buy the proper size

fabric for the bottom skirt and top valance (I used two widths sewn together for those to get a nice amount of gathers) - all length measurements are up to you based on how tall you want the theater to be when finished

fabric for the stage curtains ( I used one length split in half for this to make it easier for the curtains to stay open.)

a few drapery weights (These were sewn to the bottom corners of the skirt to give it some weight so that it would hang nicely.)

All you have to do is sew hems and casings on your fabric. Because I used a solid color fabric for the skirt and valance I was able to use the fabric's selvage as a finished edge. Put the tension rods through the casings and hang them in a doorway.

I'm unable to tell you how to stop your kids from racing through the skirt like lunatics. Apparently that's even more fun than putting on a puppet show.


Lisa @ Little Acorn said...

I love that! What a great idea!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Awesome puppet theatre - I would have loved having this when my two were younger - puppets show were one of their favourite activities!

melissa said...

That is so adorable. I'm going to have to make one. It's a nice play item to have when you have a small house and not much room for a play house and the likes.

amy said...

That puppet stage is fabulous!!!! I am so going to copy that. My kids love puppets and they aren't wee little ones anymore.

Susie Sunshine said...

It's all fun and games until some little monkey who rhymes with "pixie" gets nailed in the eye with a drapery weight!

I think I'm going to make one of these in my kitchen and put on a one act play whenever anyone asks me what's for supper.