Tuesday, January 27, 2009

bunny pouch

More Zakka Sewing fun.
An accessory I totally don't need got moved to the top of the sewing list last week. Made with garment weight linen (same stuff used in the blouse and hat from last summer), a printed cotton from the stash (purchased at the best garage sale ever), batting scraps from previous quilt projects and a thrifted zipper.
Check out that tail. I followed the directions in the book, but next time I'll make one using one of my yo-yo makers. The crocheted chain holding it on the zipper is proof of my attempts to try other forms of needlework during the cold snap that kept me upstairs. Knitting was a complete failure. I did manage to make a chain with the crochet hook, but couldn't get a second row of anything going. Good thing I only needed the chain for this project.

The lining is sewn in by hand, but goes very quickly.
The zipper directions were different from my usual method. Next time, I'll go with what I know. I had a very hard time getting the seam and edges to catch properly near the head. I'm calling it good enough and leaving it alone.
The book showed two pouches made with the fabrics reversed. Not sure if this one needs a sibling.
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Rebekah said...

this is so cute! I've got to check out that book soon :)

Trish said...

It's ironic - you made a nice new bunny....I disposed of a bunny carcas a hawk dropped that became stuck on my fence the weekend.

I kept repeating "Circle of Life" over and over again.