Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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The bad news: It's too cold to sew with my machine. (My sewing space is set up in the basement which is beyond frigid right now. There are ice crystals in the liquid detergent by the laundry sink.)
The good news: I'm slowly working my way through the Arrested Development DVD's and old needlework projects.
And I'm reading some great new books given to me by friends.
This one is beyond cute. I went through it with my post it notes and have about 8 patterns that need to go to the copy center for enlargement so I can start making things from it. There's a little house shaped caddy for a digital camera that's on the to do list for a friend. I discovered the shape is wrong for my camera, but it'll be perfect with a minor alteration for a Nintendo DS. (Yes, I'm getting my own. You want to make something of it?) I've also been on the lookout for wallets and the bunny one in here cracks me up.
When I first flipped through this one, I thought it was a great 50's spoof. It's not. I read the introduction last night and found that this book is a reprint of an actual series of comics printed in Britian in the 50's for young girls. In any case, it's fun and the projects are hilarious. Need a hanging laundry bag? Make one from an outgrown blouse. Though that's not far from making a hanging dust cover for a coat from an old pillowcase, so I'll just be quiet now. Moving on.

I'm trying so hard to work outside my comfort zone with quilting in general. Sometimes it works. Sometimes I just want to go back to the safety of the patterns I've saved. This book is great for inspiration and keeps me from giving up entirely on improvisational work. Funny that I'm reading this one just as Jacquie starts this project. I feel like I have too much on my plate right now to join them, but I'll be checking in with her to keep the creative juices flowing.
Keep warm.
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abcgirl said...

i just read the zakka sewing book last week for the first time and loved the bunny wallet too! so many fun projects...

Rebekah said...

I will have to check out that zakka sewing book. It looks really cute!

I have the hardest time with improvisational blocks. They always end up looking the same...I'll have to check out that last book too :)

jacquie said...

i love that nancy crow book too. doesn't she do amazing work! the project goes all year, so if you ever feel like you want to'd sure be welcome!