Friday, January 2, 2009

nadia's block

Nadia should already have this, but I forgot to post it in all the holiday hoopla.

As has happened with the others, I came up with how I wanted to embroider it before I figured out the block design.

The colors she sent for this have a very zen feeling to me.

If you haven't stopped by Common Threads to see what some other women did with these fabrics, you're missing some great stuff. There's a block that looks like it was braided with spirograph embroidery that sent me back to my childhood.

Again, that's been the best part of this quilting bee - seeing what other women do with the same fabric and their own talent. They continue to amaze me and inspire me to try new things.

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Rebekah said...

It's so pretty! Your embroidery is beautiful!

jacquie said...

amazing! i love what you did with this. my non embroidered block is going to be sad with all these fabulous blocks.