Thursday, January 1, 2009

thrifty thursday

There will be no list of resolutions/goals for this year, because I never looked at last year's list after I wrote it. I don't even want to know what I didn't get done at this point.
My only hope for crafting in 2009 is to keep my studio area relatively clean. I have a student coming to take private lessons with me, so that should be incentive to pick up after myself. I have no desire to shovel a path to the sewing machine right before a lesson. It's looking pretty good at the moment and I'm hoping to take a few pictures of it. That's not happened up til now because of the frequent project messes and it never feels "done". I finally realized that it'll never be "done" in that I'm always adding or moving things around, so I should just take photos of where it is now and enjoy the changes I make to it over time.
A few additions to keep me on the path to cleanliness:
One for me.
One for the girls.

One for me.
(Love the way that striped fabric was cut on the bias and sewn into the zig zag design!)

One for the girls.
This one is actually plastic(like those old tablecloths our grandmothers had) and ties with ribbons at the sides.

Have a happy and tidy new year!
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