Friday, January 9, 2009

napkin pouch tutorial part 1

You'll need:

hemmed napkin(whatever size you like, but it should be square)

4 feet of cord or ribbon for the drawstrings

coordinating thread

1. Fold the napkin in half to make a triangle as shown. It's okay if the points don't meet exactly. Most of mine weren't perfectly square.

2. Divide the bottom edge into thirds (I did this by folding in the side points and adjusting as needed) and mark sewing lines from the bottom edge up about 5 inches for a lunch sized napkin. (I sewed up about 6.5 inches for a dinner sized napkin.) My lines are marked in pink.

3. Sew from the bottom edge up to the 5 or 6.5 inch mark. Backtack at the ends of your seam.

4. This is the trickier part - fold each side back on itself so that the right side of the napkin is now facing out. In the photo below, the left side has been folded back. This is how you create the pockets in the front and back. Do this to both sides. It doesn't matter which side is on top.

5. Pin the side flaps to one another being very careful not to catch the inside of the pouch. Pin all the way around to the other side.

6. Edgestitch the two flaps together. You'll have to slide the the flaps onto the bed of the machine being careful not to sew through the interior of the pouch. Just keep checking and pulling. You can see in the photo that the fabric gets kind of bunched up. Fortunately, this is a pretty small seam. You'll also need to pivot your seam at the corner that rests at the bottom of the pouch. In the picture I'm nearing the end of the seam. You can see the inside of the pouch pulled forward out of the way of the machine's needle.

Keep scrolling for part 2.

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