Monday, January 26, 2009

nutkin tea cosy

So much for those works in progress. I couldn't resist the lure of all the new projects in the Zakka Sewing book.
Squirrel Nutkin now has a job keeping my teapot warm. If you have the book and are looking for a quick project, this one is it. The sashiko embroidery took no time at all. In fact, it probably took as much time to transfer the design as to embroider it. I wound up freehand drawing the pattern with an air erasable marker using the book as a guide. The thickness of the wool eliminates tracing as an option and I'm not very good with the old school tracing paper and wheels. Once that part is done, all that's left is edgestitching both sides together. Ta-da!
I was surprised at how large he turned out (the patterns in the book need to be enlarged 200% before use). His size is just right for my Peter Rabbit teapot, but our china teapot was too wide to be completely covered.
Notes: I used wool felt (leftovers from the Halloween tote). The embroidery was done using all 6 strands of floss.
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Priscilla said...

How adorable is that!

On a Peter Rabbit tea pot too!!

Very cute! Good job!!

blackbird said...

Gosh, you HAVE been busy.
I'm proud!