Friday, January 23, 2009

quilting bee

What day is it? With two days off of school last week due to the extreme cold, then two days off this week for a holiday and an institute day, the kids seem to have had another winter break. My schedule is completely out of whack and here we are headed into the weekend again before I even got a handle on the weekdays.
Our cold snap was so bad that I didn't do any sewing at all in the basement (where my machine is located). When there are ice crystals in your laundry detergent, that's too cold to craft. Instead I stitched on some handwork projects that had been neglected for far too long.
Now added to the finished list - The Quilting Bee (Wee Wonderfuls design)
I stitched it on regular linen that I bought for making clothing. While I enjoyed stitching on the fabric, I'm not so happy with how the colors came out on the natural tone of the linen. I think in the future, I'll stick to a single color floss when stitching on a darker background. I'd intended for the figures to look like the girls and myself (someday- I can dream, can't I?). It would have come out much better on a white background. Also, I chose my hair color before visiting the salon this week for some help with the gray. I can't believe how well the mousy brown floss I chose matched my previous hair color. Very sad.
On a better note, I have actually started to catch up on some sewing projects and completed a few new ones from the Zakka Sewing book I just got. A little thrifting was squeezed in over the weekend as well. The title of this post reminds me that I also need to catch up over at Common Threads. Looks like I have my work cut out for me this weekend. Lots of pictures to take and posts to plan.
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One Reader said...

That is truly some beautiful handwork.

Rebekah said...

this is so adorable! I love the lighter look of the embroidery on the darker linen. This is such a fun pattern and I hope that one day your girls will want to join you like this :) I have got to get an embroidery project out...I've been missing it lately.

Trish said...

What's the new color? I always thought your hair was a lovely shade of chocolate, nothing mousy about.

MsCellania said...

Always something fresh and new here at Ms. MacGyver's.
Could you add a small radiant heater to the sewing room, or is it part of larger area that's too big to heat electrically?
I don't have a huge stash, but I have decided to make a concerted effort to sew up a lot of it. There's 4 pair of size 2 lined trousers cut out for my boys -- now size 8! So many friends have toddlers I may as well whip those up. And I've borrowed your idea of always using cloth napkins in the boys' lunch boxes so now I'm eying the cloth with the idea of napkins. May as well use what I have!
Have a great weekend - it's cold and snowing here too, after a week of 60's. Gotta love Colorado.

jacquie said...

this is so wonderful. i'm with you on the mousy brown hair...i actually want mine much gray now!