Saturday, August 16, 2008

11 !

Happy Birthday, Glenn!
Kind of stinks to be sick on your big day.
Off to middle school next year. No more carrying a lunch box or animal themed school supplies.

You decided you were too old for a lot of your toys this summer. I couldn't even come up with anything to sew for you this birthday. Guess my little boy is gone.

But I really like the young man you're becoming.

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Susie Sunshine said...

Awww, Glenn! ELEVEN?! Seriously?

Happy birthday, Sunshine!

blackbird said...

Happy birthday to one of the smartest, most charming men I know.

Badger said...

Happy birthday Glenn! And get well soon, while you're at it!

Carol said...

It is not too early for me to claim Glenn for K. She needs the nicest, most easy going man around.

Happy Bday! Sorry you are sick!